About Me

Hello Nystars,

Thank you for showing an interest in my fashion style. My name is Vanessa and I am a fashion addict. I’ve been addicted and obsessed with fashion all my life. I see fashion as my avenue for self expression. Growing up, I considered my self an ugly duckling and I used my sense of style to propel my confidence and

My birthday lunch date
My birthday lunch date

attitude. I realized that my outer appearance could influence my view of self and so I decided to always dress well enough that I will ALWAYS be confident in myself. So, no matter what I am feeling, I will always dress to show that my outer self is in control.

And so, as I blossomed out of my duckling stage, so did my sense of fashion. And look where it has gotten me…yes, I’ve been told countless times that I should document my style. So, here we are….Style.Like.You.Are.Rich is born.

As the name states, I want to style like I am rich. It means that I do not have to break to bank and be fashionable, chic, stylish, a la mode!

Always bear in mind that my styles are not aimed to please the public, my styles are to satisfy my love of fashion, my pushing the envelope and my sense of standing apart. All I want from this blog is to encourage those who view it to always stand on the side of individuality. Never be a drone to public perception. Be you! Do you! And once you always please yourself, others will see your confidence and take notice. You will no longer become a victim to the opinions of others.

All I ask is that after having visited my blog, you remember one thing: YOU HAD A PURPOSE BEFORE ANYONE HAD AN OPINION. Therefore be the best damn YOU, that you can be!!!!





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