Purpose vs Opinion

I had a purpose before someone had an opinion. And when I realised that, my life changed significantly. Have you ever been affected by another's opinion? In reality, we all have been. But how many of you Nystars can truly say that you are not influenced and affected by the opinions of others? Do you... Continue Reading →

You must try, to Succeed!

When you have a dream you look beyond the negativity, the laughs, the finger pointing, the whispering, the everything which tries to distract you. Instead, you stay focused. You dream harder, you try harder, you WORK, harder. Then you rise above the negativity. You realize that once you've tried your hardest, your best and whether or... Continue Reading →

Styled for a Black and White event

Today's feature will be on a look created by me for my client who wanted a bold, daring, classy look for a White and Black affair. If you have been following my style, you'll know that I'm all about daring and going a bit where the average woman won't go and that in no way... Continue Reading →

A lit bit icy….a little bit frozen

Hi Nystars, So this is what I wore to see Disney's Frozen on ice. I had been promising my 6yr old, (check out her IG profile @cj_drjustice) that we would go. I decided last minute that we would battle the hectic Toronto downtown traffic and journey to the Rogers Centre. Granted to say, we were... Continue Reading →

Another lunch date

So Nystars, it's the last day of my 6yr old's March break 2015, so we had another food date. She is a foodie, so we explore different restaurants and her taste buds. This dress is not as simple as it looks. It actually is like a skirt with a crop top at the back...the back... Continue Reading →


hello Nystars...... I've been called a Fashionnystar so far back, I can't say how and when it started. What I can say is that countless times I've been stopped on the streets, emailed, messaged, called with inquiries about my style. I love fashion and I love styling, however, I refuse to go broke doing this. Thus,... Continue Reading →

Hello Fashionnystars!

Welcome to your first look of Style.Like.You.Are.Rich You have visited because you're interested in my style. What would you like to know about my style? I know that it intrigues you, and so, I am going to document my style and let you in on a few of my styling tips, tricks and hits. I... Continue Reading →

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