Cape DayCape diemimageimagehello Nystars……

I’ve been called a Fashionnystar so far back, I can’t say how and when it started. What I can say is that countless times I’ve been stopped on the streets, emailed, messaged, called with inquiries about my style. I love fashion and I love styling, however, I refuse to go broke doing this. Thus, I came up with the idea of how everyday, hardworking persons like me, can style like we are rich. Hey, I can say with certainty, that I won’t, don’t and can’t break the bank…but I will, can, and am styling like I’m RICH, with confidence !!!

So Nystars, style with confidence, dress with uniqueness and do not care who’s watching. And know with certainty, that some one is.

so, let’s get started and stylelikeyouarerich!!!!!!

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