You must try, to Succeed!

When you have a dream you look beyond the negativity, the laughs, the finger pointing, the whispering, the everything which tries to distract you. Instead, you stay focused. You dream harder, you try harder, you WORK, harder. Then you rise above the negativity. You realize that once you’ve tried your hardest, your best and whether or not you make mistakes, you take wrong turns, you do wrongs; what matters most and what will matter most is that you have succeeded.

Success comes from the fact that you try, you work hard, you persevere. For to have not tried means that you’ll be in the exact same position as you were before, no step forward, no step backward.

So as I take these huge steps, I am already successful for I am steps ahead today than I was yesterday.Steps ahead

So Nystars….take those steps… steps…..leaps of faith, whatever the case may be…but take them.

Be successful Nystars.


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