Purpose vs Opinion

Free to just be

I had a purpose before someone had an opinion. And when I realised that, my life changed significantly.

Have you ever been affected by another’s opinion? In reality, we all have been. But how many of you Nystars can truly say that you are not influenced and affected by the opinions of others? Do you know the power which is found in your purpose? Do you even know your purpose in this life? Trust me, once you have figured out your purpose, you gain a sense of independence, exhilaration and freedom, which rescues you from the bondage of other people’s opinions.

It is very important to free ourselves from mental slavery as Bob Marley says. And frankly, one of these forms is indeed the opinions of others, the negative ones. Why are we as individuals, women especially, so engaged in negativity? Why do we find it so hard to compliment, eleviate and promote another woman?

As I write this, I pray that you, who are reading this have discovered your purpose. That you do not dwell on the negative opinions of those around you, friends, family, strangers. I hope that you can understand your power, your ability, your purpose, and you can take each day claiming your strength and freedom. So the next time you are hit with negativity remember your purpose and know that it has more power than the opinion.

I’m happy that I have realised my purpose in life and I can guarantee you, that it has given me confidence, pride, strength and freedom in dealing with the negative opinions which I come across. And the best part of this new found strength is that I can truly shrug my shoulders because I know any woman who knows her worth and her purpose, will NOT waste the time and effort of bring another woman down.

So, I say know your purpose before believing opinions.


Purpose vs Opinion

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