Back to R E A L I T Y

Yeah, it's back to reality for me. I am heading back into the work force after a short hiatus. I can safely say that many things have changed in my life this year. My family dynamics are now different and my work life may have just altered as well. Anyways, in any event, it is... Continue Reading →

The night I met a Sultan after sitting on a red velvet chair

Last night was the night that I met a 'sultan'....a real life "fashion-sultan". I attended a Fashion and Floss dancehall party and to my surprise, I spotted this stand apart, fashion statement. He was a mystery, facing away from me. He became my evening fascination. I was impressed. I was intrigued. And I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Curiousity doesn’t always kill the cat; it’s ok to look back!

I do not plan outfits. My choices are a reflection of my mood. When I walk into that closet, whatever speaks to me....I walkout in. And, it works because it it my individuality speaking

When Spring has Sprung…

Out must come the booties. Hey Nystars, like me, are you confused by the weather? It feels like Mrs Spring and Mr Winter are at odds again and we are forced to bear the brunt of their hot and cold affair. Anyways, if you are anything like I know you are, you will not be... Continue Reading →

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