When Spring has Sprung…

Welcoming Spring! image

Out must come the booties.

Hey Nystars, like me, are you confused by the weather? It feels like Mrs Spring and Mr Winter are at odds again and we are forced to bear the brunt of their hot and cold affair. Anyways, if you are anything like I know you are, you will not be confined. So I say to you, let us welcome Spring!!!

In our celebration of welcome let’s pull out those open toe booties, cardigans, fur vest, sunglasses, oversized bags (so that we can shove winter in there); and let’s get it going. It’s time that we enjoy the freedom of the sun and enjoy the short time in which we have to let go and be as free with our fashions as we choose.

So, in the spirit of welcome, here’s what I wore to a lunch date with my bestie.

I decided on a casual look…denim, chiffon top and cardigan…paired with cute comfy booties from Aldo. Accessory wise, I’m wearing a statement necklace and long feather earrings..with one gold band ring; which unfortunately, can’t be seen. I prefer to make a statement with the bags rather than accessorize.

Everything I wear is affordable because I believe that one must always style.like.you.are.rich. That goes without saying that I’m all about affordability for the average, everyday woman. So, Nystars, let’s look great while styling like we are rich.

If you want to style.like.you.are.rich., check these stores for what I’m wearing.

Top and Sunglasses: Forever 21

Pants: Guess Jeans

Booties and Statement Necklace: Aldo (my all time favourite shoe store)

Cardigan: Sirens

Bag: Steve Madden

Here are some more pics

Casual lunch date


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