When Macchiato, ice cream sundaes and cheese cake desserts interact

Keeping it unique  imageimage

Honestly, there are days when a girl just wants her Macchiato with just that lil extra extra in the form of Swiss White Chocolate. Today was that day. After spending hours at the doctor with my 11 mth old, I felt like I needed a bit of perking up. Thus, the need for the comfort of macchiato.


Winter and Spring were at it again, and frankly, I think that Winter is giving Spring a bit of kick ass. I hope that at least, she’d have the sense to lock his behind up after all those flurries he had the audacity to bring forth today. I mean, come on, it’s April already and we in Toronto are still getting snow! What’s up with that? Isn’t April Fools Day gone?

Frankly, I was fooled into believing that this nice bit of sunshine would last and keep me warm. Dash it all, I’m no longer accepting pranks; it’s the 4th of the month already!!! Spring has so failed me.

Today, the kids and I accompanied by a friend and her two, set out to enjoy some nice weather. Bah, it turned out that it was way to chilly too be nice so we wanted to warm up with a bit of dessert. I ended up with my boyfriend macchiato.

In the end, the kids got their ice cream sundaes while the cheese cake; ooh I can already taste those extra calories, was as tasty as it looked. Cheers to me wearing my lil olive Guess dress, covered with a fur vest, bordeaux Gwen Stephanie booties and Bordeaux Aldo bag. Yeah, if you didn’t know, bordeaux is the new burgundy meets the new black.

So the next time my macchiato, ice cream sundaes and cheese cake desserts interact lets pray that Spring will have kicked Winter to the curb. And perhaps, I can have another dessert combination….let’s say chocolate ice cream covered waffles. Hmmm hmmm good.

In the mean time, let’s continue with our style.like.you.are.rich mentality.

imageimageimageFine dark chocolateimageimage
Here’s where to style.like.you.are.rich.

About that Dress:         Guess

About that Shoe:          Gwen Stephanie

About that Bag:            Aldo Shoes

About that Fur Vest:     Sirens

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