Curiousity doesn’t always kill the cat; it’s ok to look back!

Look back, smile...then...
Look back, smile…then…


Sometimes it’s good to look back before jumping over the fence. It’s ok to be curious about what you are leaving behind. It is ok to wonder. Growth will only come when you learn to accept the past and use it to guide your current situation and your future.

Too many times we as women are made to feel guilty by our society because of the choices we make. Why the hypocrisy, the double standard, the preconceived notions?

Why can’t we as women be curious enough to want to look back, before looking forward?

This look was inspired by events which are affecting my daily life. I’m looking forward to moving on, but before I do, I have to look back and close all doors.

So here’s to my past, present and future inspiration.

My suede, whatever it is: jacket, cardigan, coverup? Well, whatever it is, is inspired by the past…that retro suede which is now in the present.

My leopard represents my current state, my fierceness, my independence, my strength; my inner lioness. This symbol of power, of strength reminds me that I AM WOMAN, and I will survive!!!

My DIY cutoff denims are the furture…they symbolize the looking forward, yet the length display my uncertainty as to whether it will work or not.

Lastly, my boots are just my way of ensuring that whatever energy exits my body, I can control. There’s the cutoff for the negativity to exit, and the covered toes to grasp onto all hints of positivity trying to exit.

I have a complicated soul and my fashion depicts my uniqueness and keeps me Uniquelynessa (IG Moniker).

Here I am jumping and letting go. Life is filled with the unexpected and my attitude right now is to hang on to and roll with it.

Jump and let go, enjoy life.....then
Jump and let go, enjoy life…Then..


Then I hold my head up…and I survive and move on!

Move on with your head held high
Move on with your head held high

So in the spirit of my freedom, my happiness, my strength…..see more of the look



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