Stripes, a Slit, and a lil bit of fat confidence

I can twirl and stand firm
I can twirl and stand firm

Hats off to me! Today I decided to show a bit of skin, ok, a lot of skin. I’m not into the idea that less is more, however, I had gotten this to be worn on my birthday and since my birthday is during the winter; today being a good day, I took it out.

So, cheers to me! Happy belated birthday to me! Stripes, a Slit and a lil bit of fat confidence.

Yes, I brought out the shamelessly I’m feeling sexy look. While at it, I decided to shame my fat and walk out in confidence. It’s  way more than I’m comfortable showing. Infact, I wore the shirt back to front and had the cutout display at my back. Frankly, I couldn’t fathom having so much frontal view.

image image image imageThe back of the top is crissed crossed. I decided to not stretch it out too much so as to cover what I want covered.

Honestly, I’m sure many of my fellow women go through that bit of feeling a lil fat today. But, sometimes, we need to stand up and shame our fat. I say, have a bit of fat confidence. You deserve it.

Dress comfortably, dress decently, dress as you wish as long as you can feel confident in your look.

It’s okay to not always feel perfect.  Perfection is a myth anyways.

So do what I did ….. gain a bit of fat confidence!!!!

More of the look here…



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