Stop tickling my feathers; I confess!!!

image  Hurray!!! It’s time to fluff my feathers and confess. Here’s an inside scoop to things most people wouldn’t know about me. Please bear with me, I’ve been trained to only reveal what’s been asked, and nothing more. So in the interest of acting like this is an interrogation…..the feathers gave me away.

Today’s outfit had absolutely zero inspiration. Nope, I didn’t plan on wearing feathers and high heels. These plumes were in my closet desperately seeking attention. They need to be fluffed and so, here I, am fluffing them up.

They are the reason for this post…so I beg, stop tickling my feathers, I will confess!!!

There are very many constants in my life. I DO NOT  like change. I hate surprises!!! And yes, change constitutes a surprise!

Today, I had to take the lil ones to a birthday party and I decided to go simple. You know, kids parties at indoor playgrounds where you need to be chasing the lil ones. Well, that was the kind of party and as such, the fashion of the day was preconceived as denim, vest and a blazer, with sandals. But obviously, being me, I never stick to the plan.

Thus, this here concoction….

.Feather the weatherimageimage

And now, I reveal a few truths about me and my style:

1) I do not do well with preplanning outfits! If I do that, I’ll never, ever, end up wearing it. I can pick an outfit to wear in 5 minutes. However, if I spend an hour creating looks for an event, I guarantee that none of them will be worn to that event. As long as an outfit is preplanned, I won’t wear it.

So, my outfits are literally walk into my closet and select anything. It’s only after I’m dressed that I go paranoid with shoes and bag.

I’m obsessed with shoes! My feet always need to be covered. I’m a sock hoarder. And yes, I have amazingly sexy feet!

2) I do not buy things to match. I have no desire to create outfits while I shop. I buy what I think is different, current, trendy, and I will wear. It just usually happens that I can co-ordinate a lot of pieces from my closet.

3) I do not own many flats, actually, I just bought 4 pairs this month. I’m 5″2 and every extra inch helps.

4) I rarely, it’s actually hinging on never, buy regular priced items. I do not believe that I should pay for a markup, when most times, the people making the items do not benefit enough to warrant me paying for it above and beyond cost.

6) I like patterns and colour. I push the envelope with my choices…..I don’t aim to please anyone but myself.

7) I’m not big on accessorizing.

So here you have it, four outfit changes later, and Kazam….here I am fluffing feathers and confessing.

And rest assured, no birds were killed in the writing of this blog! Oh yeah, and in the wearing of this soft coated blazer also.

image image image image image

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