The night I met a Sultan after sitting on a red velvet chair

Last night was the night that I met a ‘sultan’….a real life “fashion-sultan”. I attended a Fashion and Floss dancehall party and to my surprise, I spotted this stand apart, fashion statement. He was a mystery, facing away from me. He became my evening fascination. I was impressed. I was intrigued. And I wanted to see what this real life “fashion-sultan” looked like. Me being who I am, I started snapping pics of this dappa creature.

image    image

I was desperately trying to steal a few pics of the outfit. To my surprise , he came up to me at the end of the night and wanted me to take pictures.

See him here

Full Fashion and Floss outfit display
Full Fashion and Floss outfit display


My sultan

Now, as to my outfit de la nuit, I ended up wearing an impromptu look from my closet. If you read my last post, (Stop tickling my feathers; I confess!!!), you’d know that I do not plan outfits. However, this time, I attempted to create a look. I went into this high end store, I won’t name drop, and bought an outfit. The idea I was going for was comfy, classy and totally me. I wanted a trendy look that could transition through different functions. I decided on an all white look with the intent of accessorizing with my statement necklace. (I love statement necklaces)!

So, after buying my all white ensemble…pantaloons and a flowy sleeveless croptop, I had to return the outfit. Because I was extremely late in getting the items, the pantaloons needed to be altered. While getting fitted for alterations, the zipper on the pants broke. That really irritated me because I went to a higher end store, spent a whole lot for each piece, and still the zipper broke. I did what any smart person would do; I returned the outfit and got my money back.

That was the friday evening. The event was Saturday. So yes, you’d think that I’d get my ish in order and find something to wear….but hey unexpected events occurred. Thus, Saturday evening, I was right back at square one; a huge closet, no ideas and just some random pieces which I happened to have. And no, none of the items were bought together. They just happened to be pieces from my uniquelynessa closet!

So here are the pics

Red VelvetHere I am sitting pretty in true Style.Like.You.Are.Rich. Fashion. I do not party but when my family is putting on an event; I’ll support regardless. Life teaches you many lessons, one of the most important being that you can’t prosper without the support of others. And anyone who fails to realize that, will always be behind.

My philosophy in life is that the lil man is just as important as the so called big man. At the end of the day, we are all trying to survive and survival is truly a case of the fittest wins. So, in keeping with my nature, I turned out to support family! I’ll always support family, Always!



image image image

La mode de la nuit


And, in the spirit of not trying to fit in, more images follow of my standout “dabba” confident man.

Here’s to being uniquely free to express creativity without fitting in

The Sultan!

My sultan

Full Fashion and Floss outfit display
Full Fashion and Floss outfit

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