A message to my older self

Dear Vanessa, I want you to know, that at this moment, at this time of the day, MAY 27, 2015, I was happy. I have decided to pen you this note in the hopes that as you look back on your life, years later, you'll realize that you did many things right; you should be... Continue Reading →

My Today began Yesterday!!!

Do you believe in fate, destiny, that thing that seems predetermined? Well, I don't, at least, I never thought that I did; but yesterday may have just changed my mind. It's like I had this sense of déjà vu! That I'd seen this before, perhaps in another life, but in reality, it was all in... Continue Reading →

So, I’m a full time Fashion Blogger, now what?

This is what I've become....a full time fashion blogger. Me, the proverbial geek, the goof ball, the ugly duckling turned swan. Lil old me jumped right in, took a leap of faith and I'm not looking back. Thanks to everyone who has ever inspired me or supported me in some way. Fashion blogging is something... Continue Reading →

That quintessential lil black dress

Every woman needs one...that piece...that one lil black dress that defines you. Today I chose this one. It fitted the occasion. It did what I wanted it to do.  It defined me...it made me feel powerful...classy...trendy..chic, but most of all sexy! Today was the one day when I needed that heightened sense of my sexuality;... Continue Reading →

How I learnt that KARMA is literally a B.I.T.C.H!!! And a huge one at that….

 Now I can snap my head, give a pout, and say "bitch please!" You remember that old adage you grew up hearing? That Karma is a bitch?! Yeah, that one!!! Well Nystars, last night I found out the truth; that bitch does exist. Not only that, but that bitch can be covered by Mercy! So,... Continue Reading →

Making the right choices….. How do you guarantee the right choice?

If making the right choices were as easy as choosing the perfect accessories then I'd be a happy camper. But wait, I've never been camping so perhaps that analogy is inappropriate. But you get the drift. There is always going to be uncertainty and unease about the choices we have to make. In life, there... Continue Reading →

Holy Googles!!!

Holy Googles!!!! For certainly that's what they are! This here is what I call a statement piece. As you know, if you do keep abreast of my posts, I met up with a young entrepreneur @trendycolly to discuss some business ideas. Well, I'm happy to say that I took her up on her offer of... Continue Reading →

Holy Com-munion; I’m not a religious pundit, but do you have to confess before taking the bread n wine

 I'm not very religious, I do believe in a higher power. Today I was invited to a First Communion and I realized that my views have seriously changed. I won't discuss my views on religion because frankly, I don't want to engage in any diatribes against any religious beliefs and especially not around Catholicism. But... Continue Reading →

Have you empowered another Woman lately?

Today I had lunch with a young entrepreneur, a woman entrepreneur at that. She reached out to me in an effort that as women, young women, women of colour, perhaps we could come together and help each other out. That was big of her! That was nice of her! That was strong of her! That... Continue Reading →

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