Have you empowered another Woman lately?

@Trendycolly owner and IToday I had lunch with a young entrepreneur, a woman entrepreneur at that. She reached out to me in an effort that as women, young women, women of colour, perhaps we could come together and help each other out. That was big of her! That was nice of her! That was strong of her! That was different! That I call woman empowerment; woman helping woman!!!

In today’s society, especially in my culture, it seems that support and empowerment from women is rare, or extremely hard. Many a times, I have been on the receiving end of negativity. I won’t call it jealousy, because frankly, I have nothing to be jealous of. What I will call it is insecurity. I have self confidence! I have strength and I have power; these qualities I believe can be very overpowering and dominating for many women who are not as secure in themselves like I am.

outfit of the day20150430_152942

I’ve had time to really think on why do women, especially women of colour, find it so difficult within themselves to assist another woman. What I need, is more support, especially from women, most importantly women like me. I want to see women get more ahead in all aspects. I love equality in many things, in fact in everything. However, I think many a times women keep each other down.

Have you heard about the “crab in a barrel mentality” associated with women? Well, it is often used in Caribbean sayings to refer to women who are all trying to climb over each other, without the forethought of combining forces and helping work together. Why? Why? Why?

As a woman, if you answer no to any of these, go out there and empower another woman. If yes, feel proud of yourself, and keep moving forward.

  1. Have you empowered another woman today?
  2. Have you told another woman that she looked nice today?
  3. Can you freely give another woman a compliment?
  4. Do you feel comfortable paying another woman a compliment?
  5. Have you liked any of my blog post? (Ok, since you’re reading this, you get a point for support. Thank you!)

Anyways, I can only advise that as a woman, we as women, must, should and can, come together and help strengthen each other.

In the interest of woman empowerment, and with the support of @trendycolly on IG and @stylelikeyouarerich on IG I say go out and be an empowering woman.

Please visit: http://www.trendycolly.ca and see what’s in store.

Today’s outfit deets:

Loose, flowy pantaloons, white tee, blazer and booties.

Pics of the look…this is a very comfy and trendy look

20150430_152938comfy look20150430_15262920150430_15262320150430_15262120150430_15262120150430_152632

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