Holy Com-munion; I’m not a religious pundit, but do you have to confess before taking the bread n wine

image I’m not very religious, I do believe in a higher power. Today I was invited to a First Communion and I realized that my views have seriously changed. I won’t discuss my views on religion because frankly, I don’t want to engage in any diatribes against any religious beliefs and especially not around Catholicism. But seriously, do you have to confess before partaking in the all important “lusty” or holy bread to the wider world, and the wine?

Well, since I was so seriously lacking in my religious knowledge, I decided not to tempt fate and protect myself against one less sin. I’m an all out sinner, I have failed to aspire to perfection!!!! However, today was not about me, it was about my daughter celebrating such an event with one of her besties. It was about giving her some religious basis upon which she can rely. She attends a Catholic School and like any 6 year old, is extremely curious and opinionated. Yes folks, she knows enough to remind me of what HE wants me to do. I dread the day when she wakes up and realizes that mommy is not always right, and that mommy is seriously lacking in her religious studies and knowledge.

Right now she’s pure in her beliefs. It is rather refreshing to see the innocence of youth and the carefree ideas and attitudes which comes along with it.

So in the spirit of keeping her young, innocent and carefree…I did what I had to, I brought her unto HIM

image image image image image image

As always Nystars, I can’t leave without a few pics of today’s look.

Here I am in a simple white dress, in my attempt at keeping it reserved, pure and holy. But some how, the sinner in me needed a little coming out also. Thus, the peekaboo lace details.

I decided to keep it simple on the accessories, gold studs and a gold necklace with diamonds.



And since I wasn’t too sure about the dress code, I did the always ever present blazer in an attempt at being conservative



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