Holy Googles!!!

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Holy Googles!!!!

For certainly that’s what they are! This here is what I call a statement piece. As you know, if you do keep abreast of my posts, I met up with a young entrepreneur @trendycolly to discuss some business ideas. Well, I’m happy to say that I took her up on her offer of “dare to be different!” being different and unique in all ways is who I am. My motto has always been and will always be; Be Uniquely You. I do have a few, but I’m an advocate for self confidence, self empowerment and individuality.

Since we are not automated creatures all droning about, we should at least attempt being true to self. So here I am, bold, vibrant, confident, daring to be different while standing  tall and firm. This is me outside of work…I am goofy, I laugh, I play, I explore, I keep it 100% me without fear of any repercussions.

The best thing we can be to ourselves is free. Free to live, free to be, free to just simply enjoy ourselves!

So, in the interest of self expression and freedom…here I am all out there with my Dare To Be Different sunglasses compliments of http://www.trendycolly.ca

Yes folks, just as I’m a client of hers, so too is she a client of mine. We are young, independent minded women who aspire to make our way in life. We are confident, we stand tall. We stand firm, we stand as we are….just as we are…as individuals, as ourselves.

Cheers to the nice weather we’ve been having, today I was able to rock out in my rust coloured cutolettes, crop top, and my 6 inch stilettos. All short ladies should bring out the stilettos when the weather is calling for it.

Here are more pics of my divalicious outfit….

image image image image image image image image image

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