Making the right choices….. How do you guarantee the right choice?

20150503_110707If making the right choices were as easy as choosing the perfect accessories then I’d be a happy camper. But wait, I’ve never been camping so perhaps that analogy is inappropriate. But you get the drift. There is always going to be uncertainty and unease about the choices we have to make.

In life, there are definitely no guarantees. Everything we do is a risk, a chance, an opportunity. Only certainty in this life is the existence of the grim reaper, that’s it! So whatever we choose in this life it will almost, always be done with unease.

And so, it’s very fitting that I choose everything with care. It’s like my fashion sense. While most people are chary of allowing themselves to fall victims of fashion; I’m the total opposite. Decisions like fashion are not the ultimate determination of how happy my life becomes. So frankly, I just let my creative side take over. And who cares if I look back and laugh at myself!

At the end, what’s important is that, at that time, I was happy.

What matters most are the people I meet; the friends I make, the confidants I gain, and the trust I become worthy of. So, as I journey through life, making important decisions i’ll stick to what I know. I’ll remember that all choices I make are like my fashion accessories. Sometimes I keep it simple or sometimes I make a statement. But in the end, I keep it true to self and I make decisions that add value to not only my life, but all those who will be affected.

So yes, when making choices I do ask…how do I guarantee the right Choice? And my answer will always, be the same; trust myself, trust my heart….there is no guarantee….just the right choice, at that moment.

 Just let, be happy, have fun

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