How I learnt that KARMA is literally a B.I.T.C.H!!! And a huge one at that….

image Now I can snap my head, give a pout, and say “bitch please!”

You remember that old adage you grew up hearing? That Karma is a bitch?! Yeah, that one!!! Well Nystars, last night I found out the truth; that bitch does exist. Not only that, but that bitch can be covered by Mercy! So, have no fear ladies. When karma has you all knotted up, don’t worry. There’s another bad bitch in town, and she is called Mercy.

Now, let me tell you how I found out about these two bad bitches!

It was a very nice, warm, spring evening and my new inspiration and I were out and about. After having an amazing dinner….I had my mussels in this delicious creamy sauce, filled with tomatoes, green opinions and all that other good stuff, which made it finger licking good, as appetizers. And a very deliciously medium rare  piece of sirloin steak, as the main, with grilled shrimp and yams! For us, island folks….sweet potato fries! Trust me…it was well worth every penny spent!

Thank you  😘😘😘😘

Yummy mussels
Yummy mussels

So, after dinner the plan was to take in the scenery, snap a few pictures and later, I’d do what I do best write about it. After all, how many times does one find a partner in crime willing to snap and capture my crazy, I don’t give a damn personality in film, and on short notice? Frankly, not many….but trust me, the experience was well worth it. I gained myself a whole lot more than a photographer and blog ideas partner.

Anyways, back to the story, being the fashionnystar that I am, I walked out in my 4″ heeled sandals, and granted to say, in true Fashionnystar style, I only made it a lil far in them. Nope, I won’t say how far. Thus, plans changed, ideas changed, and we decided that walking around in my heels wasn’t such an amazing idea when there were way better things to do.


So, it was in our quest to find better things to do that I met the head b.i.t.c.h KARMA. And needless to say, she was exactly what I thought a bitch should be, feminine, proud, tall standing and……

such a cutie….

Karma n I

See…she’s tall, bad ass, and proud


Here I am petting her

She's not even looking at me
She’s not even looking at me.

See, she’s not all that bad…

Mercy, always will be there when you need her
See Mercy, just being reserved and sitting on the sideline. But dont worry, she’ll have your back
Here’s the owner, who knows that his bitches will always free him
As I say goodbye, I feel like I’ll never let karma get the best of me; for I’ll always have MERCY!

But truly, whenever you do hear that old saying, remember, that she Karma, comes with a friend named Mercy. And really and truly, all will be well and work itself out. So in the meantime, have fun, live freely, love endlessly and do what makes you happy.

Karma a is a bitch, but you’ll be totally covered by Mercy!!!

Here  are a few more pics…. And outfit details


Denim/Jeans and shoes:    Guess

Top:     Forever21

Bag:    Steve Madden

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