That quintessential lil black dress

that quintessential lil black dressEvery woman needs one…that piece…that one lil black dress that defines you. Today I chose this one. It fitted the occasion. It did what I wanted it to do.  It defined me…it made me feel powerful…classy…trendy..chic, but most of all sexy!

Today was the one day when I needed that heightened sense of my sexuality; and this dress did that.

This was my… to make myself feel like he would make me feel dress! That little picker upper. ..that pep in your step…that extra Je ne sais quoi.

It did what it was intended to do. But the reality is. ….nothing beats reality. So ladies,  when you are craving what you want and need most, but it may be unavailable right then…do something for yourself. Perhaps do what I did….take out that Lil black dress and let yourself feel good.

So….in the spirit of having had a great day which would only have been better with that special someone…this is my tribute to my Lil black dress. No, she’s not ruffled…no she’s not flared…no she’s not funky…but she is exactly how I like her…..solid…dependable and amazingly comfy. And that is the representation which I needed. ..a reflection of him…

Oh how  I LOVE MY LBD!!!!

Hands up.... The 'lil black dress'



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