So, I’m a full time Fashion Blogger, now what?

imageThis is what I’ve become….a full time fashion blogger. Me, the proverbial geek, the goof ball, the ugly duckling turned swan. Lil old me jumped right in, took a leap of faith and I’m not looking back. Thanks to everyone who has ever inspired me or supported me in some way.

I'm just having fun with my style
I’m just having fun with my style


Fashion blogging is something that I enjoy. I love it! It gives me life! It gives me joy! It is what I love doing….writing and showcasing my fashion style. I’m a very uncomplicated, unpretentious individual. I’m literally what you see is what you get. This is what I try to do with my styles, showcase my personality. I dress with confidence, not worrying much for pleasing any, but me. I will wear what I like; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. What matters most is that I do it for me. If along the way I inspire someone…..then I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do; inspiring others by being myself.

As we continue along my fashion blogging journey together, let me be me!!! All I ask is that you journey along with me and explore together while I figure out the answer to this question: I’m a full time fashion blogger now what?

As part of this journey…..always feel free to leave your opinion about my somewhat, often bold choices. I welcome everything, but do please remember the adage…if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. If you would like to offer an opposing view, please be constructive about it. After all, it’s my style, meant for me and won’t be likeable for all.

Having said all this, here’s what I wore out to 2 barbecues.

Outfit 1: BBQ at the park. This look is pretty casual. Here I am in my cutoff distressed, denim shorts (Forever 21), paired with my white “Full Time Fashion Blogger” vest (Sirens) and my gold Mossimo flats. Simple, trendy and comfortable. I accessorized with my huge hat (Aldo – my all time favourite shoe store), retro Dare to be Different sunglasses (compliments of and a simple gold necklace.

image       image   image  image

Outfit 2: Here’s my second BBQ look. This was a backyard BBQ. This look was meant to be trendy, cool and unique. I added my lil fishnet ankle socks to make my look uniquely mine. I absolutely loved that look. The only accessory I’m wearing is my white and rose gold MK watch.

image image image image image

Pants and and crop top – Forever 21

Clutch – Aldo

Shoes – I bought them on my last trip to Buffalo

So fashionnystars remember my purpose of this blog…it’s to showcase my everyday looks for less. I’ve done the high end, the designer, the big labels and they mean nothing. What matters to me now is my individuality and my uniqueness. I aim to maintain my style and build my bank account not break it, thus, the concept. We all can look good without breaking the bank. Learn the simple rules of styling.

Until then, I’m a full time Fashion Blogger, so let me blog.

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