My Today began Yesterday!!!

Do you believe in fate, destiny, that thing that seems predetermined? Well, I don’t, at least, I never thought that I did; but yesterday may have just changed my mind. It’s like I had this sense of déjà vu! That I’d seen this before, perhaps in another life, but in reality, it was all in my mind. Or perhaps I’ve just convinced myself that it is in my mind.

Looking ahead with no end in sight
Looking ahead with no end in sight

I have always had this vision of how my life was supposed to be, and I never thought that I’d get to the stage of effecting that change.  I woke up this year saying that life is way too short and that I needed to push ahead with my choices. What I did not then realize was that THE DECISION would have led me to yesterday.

To understand this, is to know that I truly believe I foresee events in my life before they happen. And no, I’m not psychic!!!! No Sylvia Browne lives in this head of mine!!!! What I truly believe is that I wish things for myself and they eventually materialize. Then I wonder whether I may have dreamt it or experienced it before.

So, this is what I mean when I say that My Today began Yesterday!!! I found my today long ago! I wished it, I dreamt it, but yesterday, it became my reality.

And yes, if that is fated, predetermined, destined….then, it is what it is. For I dreamed yesterday; and today, it is my life.

And so, with everything that has always been with my fate, my destiny, my je ne sais pas quoi:

I accept it as is!

I welcome it as it is!

And I intend to do what I always do when my fate finds me…..CLAIM it, ACKNOWLEDGE it, CHERISH it, NURTURE it…and it will not die, nor will it fade because it was chosen by me, fated for me and destined with me in mind.

  image  This is what it looked like….looking into the future….endless…limitless….my track to follow. There may be obstacles, unforeseen circumstances…but the path is mine. I wished it, I got it….now I’m going to ensure that I protect it with every fibre of my being. After all, how many of you can claim to say My Today began Yesterday!!!

Here are the outfit deets:

Top:       White buttoned down top – Forever 21

Jeans:   Guess jeans…distressed on the knees

Bag:       MK

Shoes:    Aldo

image image

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