A message to my older self

Dear Vanessa,

I want you to know, that at this moment, at this time of the day, MAY 27, 2015, I was happy. I have decided to pen you this note in the hopes that as you look back on your life, years later, you’ll realize that you did many things right; you should be proud!!!

No matter at what stage you are right now, in the future, you can read this and know that I am proud of US. We have come this far and have survived with minimal scarring.

Do you know what I wish for you the most? Happiness. I wish you the absolute best in the future. I know that there may be scary times, times of wonder, times of confusion; but I want you to know that, whatever happens in the future, you can at least look back at the past 30, 40 years of your life and know that you did amazingly well at some point.

Yes, girl! You do have something to look forward to. I’m sure our kids are exceptionally successful, well groomed responsible, mini us. Guess what, I expected nothing else. I worked hard mentally, emotionally and physically to ensure that they have the basis to be who they are today. Can we just toast to the success of our kids? Yay us! We actually have survived raising Courvane and Max. I can assure you that it has not been easy. Courvane is the exact replica of us. She’s exactly me as I was as an infant independent, free spirited, smart and fiercely stubborn.

OIf course you know by now that Max has been the complete opposite. Could not have asked for a sweeter lil boy. But I think that he will soon grow out of that…trust me. You’ll be laughing as the memories you have of them prove how wrong I was. Max will be a heart breaker

Oh yeah, and Vanessa…. I hope that you appreciate the work which I did for you. Imagine that … two kids and we can now laugh about it years later.

So… enjoy the products of Us. All i ask is that you are not too tough on them. Trust me, I have been tough enough to last a life time. Let’s just enjoy our success with them.

And Vanessa, i encourage you to relax… have some fun in life… live a lil. You’ve done well for yourself… just live…!!!

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