Open Zippers and Wings

I got my wings so that I could fly and I’m flying. Where I land, no one but God knows. Am I apprehensive, scared… definitely?!!! But what is the point of having wings if one is afraid to fly? In everything, trust plays a major part. Not only am I forced to trust others, but... Continue Reading →

To Lipo or not to suction

Hmmm …. When wearing a 2 piece outfit; a top which is almost cropped, what does it call for? A flat tummy? A six pack abdomen? A fat confidence attitude? Shame? Pride? What? I’m sure after seeing me in this 2 piece mesh outfit, the answer will be evident to many. But to me…. I... Continue Reading →

I am climbing mountains….

Nystars, I do have to apologize for my lack of intense fashion postings. However, my blog is still in its evolutionary process. Bear with me, and I guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed. My fashions will always be on point and I’ll always document my style. However, as my life is changing and I’m... Continue Reading →

I rode the waves while following my hearts desire

What is my heart's desire? This is the question I've found myself needing to answer lately. Actually, for a while now. I had been listless.  I have been feeling like I'm suffocating. Like there's so much outward pressure to do what I don't feel is right. It feels like I had been in transition mode.... Continue Reading →

I’m in love….I’ve fallen in love

I’m in love….I’ve fallen in love  As women, we fall in and out of love a few times in our lives. We have relationships that are successful and some which are not. As we journey along, we gain insight into ourselves and we discover a few truths; some we like, some we do not. Whatever... Continue Reading →

Is wallowing in self pity an option?

When life changes, what do you do? Yeah, really, what do you do? So many people choose to wallow in their failures, their losses, and in the unexpectedness of life’s many changes. On one hand, there are the few like me who literally take each day as it comes. That doesn’t mean that I am... Continue Reading →

I’ve been attacked!!!! “F” you, Perfection!!!

 So, it's back! That little thing I call self doubt. My moments of insecurity are back in full force. And you know what, it's normal. I'm not going to pretend that I don't suffer from body image issues. Frankly, I'd be hard pressed to believe anyone who says otherwise. But wait, don't get it confused!... Continue Reading →

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