I’ve been attacked!!!! “F” you, Perfection!!!

image So, it’s back! That little thing I call self doubt. My moments of insecurity are back in full force. And you know what, it’s normal. I’m not going to pretend that I don’t suffer from body image issues. Frankly, I’d be hard pressed to believe anyone who says otherwise.

But wait, don’t get it confused! I love, love, love, love myself. However, there are days when, yes, I look in that ever present mirror and say, if only that were different. And it is normal. It’s acceptable, it’s ok. It’s part of life, it’s reality. It’s my reality. But lately, I’ve gone where many women are scared to go. I’ve decided to do something about it. Yes, I’m taking the easy way out…but it is my way, the way which will work best for me.

In the upcoming weeks, as my life changes, I’ll be making some tough decisions. Many won’t understand, many won’t accept. But it is what it is. As I say, life is too short to be wasted and worrying about the opinions of others. In one of my earlier posts, I asked that you acknowledge that “you had a purpose before anyone had an opinion”. This still holds true.

I have always known my purpose. I have always directed my life. I’ll continue to do so. What I’m experiencing now is just change. And change is one constant in life. It will always happen. I can’t prevent it. So, this time, I welcome her with open arms.

I have learnt that there is no rule by which I must adhere. The only rule I live by is simple: be uniquely you. That’s it. I’m pro choice, pro woman! So yes, it’s my body…it’s my life…it’s my decision. I choose to be a strong woman. I choose to make choices for my self, my peace of mind, my betterment, my freedom, my happiness.

And as a strong woman, I can stand alone and make a choice which benefits me. I will look back a few years from now,  and say…this was the day I found my inner strength and I took on my insecurities.

So Nystars, do not be afraid to jump in, be brave, seize your fears and take control. Do what you have to do. Tackle your insecurities head on. What is tomorrow going to hold? No one knows, but rest assured, I’m going to get up and live…be happy, be in love…and just cherish the moments of life which continue to define my destiny. Until then… Who cares whether I have body image issues; we all do…there’s always something we won’t accept or like about yourselves. And so what, c’est la vie.

I’ve been attacked and I’m pretty sure that you have too. Body image issues are just another reality that many of us women are forced to deal with. And it’s definitely not our fault. It’s that of the stupid idealistic world we live in where we are expected to conform and fit into society’s idiotic definition of beauty and normal.

But in the spirit of INDIVIDUALITY, let’s all give a big “F” to perfection!! And let the myth continue.

In in the meantime, don’t let the world determine your view of you!


image image image imageI

2 thoughts on “I’ve been attacked!!!! “F” you, Perfection!!!

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  1. Great attitude…as women we all have those moments. Now that Im over 40 and age is starting to take its toll Im getting better at embracing my imperfections and highlighting the parts of me I love. Aging is better than the alternative! You’re beautiful as you are but I’m looking forward to seeing your new side. I had some ‘ahem’ enhancements done and while it didnt change having moments of self doubt they sure are fun to dress up. ☺


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