I’m in love….I’ve fallen in love

I’m in love….I’ve fallen in love 

I smile because I'm in LOVE
I smile because I’m in LOVE

As women, we fall in and out of love a few times in our lives. We have relationships that are successful and some which are not. As we journey along, we gain insight into ourselves and we discover a few truths; some we like, some we do not. Whatever the case maybe, as we grow older we change, our expectations are more focused and experiences are often times better understood.

Sometimes it takes something extremely traumatic, as in my case, to make us wake up and realise that life is meant to be lived. I do not live my life with regrets. Everything which I’ve ever been through is an experience which has led up to this point, this realisation, this revelation.

I’ve made decisions, and I’ve been lucky so far. Every single decision which I’ve made, has brought me to this point. I have had my ups and many downs, disappointments, losses…you name it, I’ve felt some form of, I don’t want to say negativity, or bad experiences, but, for the sake of understanding how it has been for me, I’ll say “unpleasantness”. However, I’ve had tremendous greatness, good, and positivity in my life. And for that I’m thankful.

One such greatness which I’ve found is LOVE. Yes, I’ve been lucky in love and relationships. Granted to say, I’ve had those which have ended, but they’ve ended when both parties have grown up and realised that this is not what is best at that point. And that’s ok!!!  Too many times people become bitter and angry when love doesn’t live there anymore. It’s ok…we as adults have to realise that change occurs. It may not be when and how we want it, but it is inevitable. Some of us are lucky and when the relationship changes, we grow together and we become better at being in a relationship. And then, some of us are not so lucky; we grow apart, we become different people who no longer have shared interest, shared goals, shared dreams and ideas. That’s ok!!!! It’s sometimes the repercussion of growth…. What matters most is how we deal with it.

It’s reality. People change, expectations change and ideals change. I’ve realised that…. And I’ve accepted it. However, the love which I’m now experiencing in all aspects of my life is AMAZING!!!! I’m truly in love. Really, truly, deeply in love!!!!

I look at myself and see where I am today. And I’m proud. I’m proud of me. I’ve really worked hard to get where I am, and I look into the mirror every single morning and I smile back at me. I love myself, I love how I feel, I love where I am; now. Getting here has been a long journey. I’ve loved myself for a long time and others have loved me also. However, I have not taken the time to sit and really look at myself as a person.

Lately, I’ve been forced to do so. I’ve had to ask myself “Do I like me?” And honestly, after much reflection, I have the answer. I really do. I’m a genuinely awesome person and I know that many people will share that sentiment.

However, what makes me like me lies in the fact that I’ve travelled a long journey and that hasn’t changed me for the worse. I’ve come out way ahead of where I’d thought that I’d end up. And although, I’m not fully where I intend to be, I’m making strides. I’m moving forward, I’m making waves which will only propel me towards that final destination.

And I’ll get there. This year has definitely been a year of immense changes in my life; Personally, Spiritually and Emotionally. I’m in love, I love me, and I love where I am heading.

I’m surrounded by good people – I have an amazing partner, amazing sister and an amazing friend. I have met some great business women who have empowered me and will continue to do so as we network and motivate each other.

I’ve become a brand, I’ve created a logo. I am my brand, I am my logo; and I’m building my empire. cropped-style-logo1.png

Get glammed

What is left to be determined is the distance still left to travel. However, I’m not fazed. I have adopted this quote and it is my inspiration as I look ahead “Never worry about the delay of your success compared to others, because construction of a palace takes more time than an ordinary building.”

And what matters most at this moment is that I’m becoming the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with!!!!!!

where I am heading
where I am heading
The woman behind the brand
The woman behind the brand
Glammed and Styled in my brand, my logo, my image
Glammed and Styled in my brand, my logo, my image

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