I rode the waves while following my hearts desire

loungingWhat is my heart’s desire? This is the question I’ve found myself needing to answer lately. Actually, for a while now. I had been listless.  I have been feeling like I’m suffocating. Like there’s so much outward pressure to do what I don’t feel is right. It feels like I had been in transition mode. Not because I don’t want too, but because the alternatives had always been a huge risk to take. However, the moment that the decision had been made to alter the course of my future; I have not looked back. I have not regretted anything. I’m not one for regrets. I have experiences, that’s it! Lessons learnt.

Whether in the long run it turns out good or bad, it matters not. At that moment, the decisions which I have made, have been made with the greatest of intentions. And guess what? So far, I have been fortunate, very lucky. Or blessed, depending on your outlook on events. It hasn’t been easy. It still is not easy. It won’t be easy. And frankly, I don’t expect it to be. And I don’t care whether moving forward life throws me obstacles, impediments, anything to hinder my progression. It matters not. All that matters is that I did what I did in my aim at the ultimate goal; happiness.

And so, I’ve gone and did exactly what I wanted to do….I went and rode the waves! And it felt great! Amazing! Freeing! Alive!

Outfit Deets:

Day 1: simple

tshirt, denim shorts, flip flops  and RayBans

Day 1

Day 2:

Sweat shirt, jeans, baseball cap and RayBans


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