I am climbing mountains….

Nystars, I do have to apologize for my lack of intense fashion postings. However, my blog is still in its evolutionary process. Bear with me, and I guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed. My fashions will always be on point and I’ll always document my style. However, as my life is changing and I’m evolving, not only will my passion for fashion evolve, but so too, will my adventures and your expectations and anticipations of my blog post.

Dear world. do you see me?
Dear world, do you see me?

So, in an effort to keep my writing and my blogging up to date, I am giving you glimpses and insights into my journey to building myself, my brand, my logo, my empire. You will one day look back and say “I remember when Vanessa started this journey.”

So bear with me my friends, my followers, my readers….our journey will be fruitful, interesting and not wasted.

Today, I’ll focus on my continuation of what I have started. I’m letting you into my world so you can experience all my ups and downs. And as we journey, i’ll live you with a few lessons that I’ve learnt.

So, here goes…..

Lately, I have been taking my lessons from David McCullough Jr. (hopefully, you know who that is) and I’m pretty sure that when he stated: “…Climb mountains not so the world can see you but so you can see the world;” he did not have me in mind.

Climbing to the top
Climbing to the top

Actually, he probably was just at a point in his life where he was at peace and satisfied with his life journeys so far. Of course, graduating from any institution is an accomplishment, so that definitely is something to have peace of mind and satisfaction over. Who knows, it’s just presumptuous of me, but heck…that’s where I am in my life: at peace and satisfied.

One thing is certain, I am definitely climbing mountains!!!!!! And I am embracing the challenge. It’s not an easy climb. It’s tumultuous, rocking, unsteady, filled with obstacles but I’m not backing down until I reach the top.

I am attempting to create myself by navigating the social media world. Who knows how successful that route becomes. What will matter is that I do not lose myself along the journey. I see too many people becoming obsessed with the need to be liked, to receive likes and to be social media famous, and they fall victim to the initial part of David’s quote. Too many people spend too much time impressing others and are stuck climbing mountains so that the world can see them.

I refuse to struggle and get to the top only to get there just so that the world can see me without me taking the time to look out at the world. NO WAY! NO HOW! I want to look down on the world and know that I have conquered that mountain, conquered my world. And know that I have gotten to where I want to be.

I will continue to be one of those who sees and uses social media as an avenue to establishing my brand. I will continue to see it as a hurdle to the top of the mountain. I’ll continue to climb it as far as it will take me. But I will not lose myself nor the reason for my journey. I will not become a victim to pleasing others. I will maintain my sense of self, my identity, my uniqueness. I WILL get to the top! I WILL look down on the world. I WILL make the world see me!!!!!! But I will NOT lose myself. I’m not here to impress others… I’m climbing and overcoming hurdles so that I will be impressed….So that my extravagant trip will be the story of my life.

And rest assured, my intentions are simple and pure: I am climbing those mountains so that I CAN SEE THE WORLD!!!!

I have everything I need to take that extravagant trip that is MY LIFE…. and I suggest you find what you need and do the same.

Lesson 1: You learn more from failure than success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character.

As part of my journey and my climbs…here’s what I wore last Saturday.

Let the world see me
Let the world see me
Ready for the adventures
Ready for the adventures
Kimye moment
Kimye moment

All in the details

Top – Sirens Collection

Jeans – Guess Jeans – High-waisted Super dark skinnies

Hat: Aldo

Shoes – Where else but ALDO

Clutch: Aldo

Watch: MK

Necklace: Sirens Collection

Sunglasses: http://www.trendycolly.com – check her out on IG @trendycolly

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