Open Zippers and Wings

not worried much

I got my wings so that I could fly and I’m flying. Where I land, no one but God knows. Am I apprehensive, scared… definitely?!!! But what is the point of having wings if one is afraid to fly?

In everything, trust plays a major part. Not only am I forced to trust others, but I am forced to trust myself. Trusting me is just as hard as trusting others. In fact, it is way harder. I find that often times I go to that place of “what ifs.” And that is normal. But what I always end up doing and asking myself is “so what?”

What if I fail, what if I fall flat on my face?

What if my life doesn’t turn out as I planned it?

What if I made a mistake?  What if, what if, what if…..


So what if I fail; at least I tried!

So what if I fall flat on my face; at least I can get right back up!

So what if life doesn’t turn out as I planned; at least at this point, I am way further ahead than where I imagined I’d be!

So what if I made a mistake; mistakes are the stepping stones to learning!

So you see… the “what ifs” are just the normal insecurities of life, growth, living. It’s the “so whats” that matters. The determination, the aptitude, the motivation to move forward.

I’ve found that the “so whats” are what really defines me. I’m a tough cookie. I’ve been through a lot emotionally. I bounce back, I get right back up, and I tackle obstacles and fears head on. I do not shy away from life. I see life coming head-on and whether it is positive or negative… I walk right in. I enjoy a challenge… as long as it’s a fair game.

What makes the difference is how prepared I am. When I know what’s ahead, I can arm myself… when I don’t I have learnt to trust my instincts, trust my heart, trust my brain, but most of all trust GOD and know that all will be well.

Life constantly presents me with struggles. How I deal with them will always determine where I end: happy, satisfied, fulfilled, and free. It’s my choice and I choose to and trust myself to make the right choices.

So, as I make my way today with my open zippers and wings, I pray that he who I have let in, will let me fly…will fly with me and will close my zippers.

Lesson 3: “Follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Here’s today’s outfit – Open zippers and wings

Multicolored shirt with wings…. Sirens Collection

Dark Blue high-waisted (very comfortable fitting) denims – Forever 21

Black Patent Pumps – ALDO

Hair – compliments of Dirty Dianna Hair – IG @tiffanynicoleray (tell her stylelikeyouarerich sent you)


2 times the trust

trusting me

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