My Fashionnystar’s guide to dressing like a Chic Work Chick

There are many rules for dressing for the office. The key to making the right choice is all based on your clientele. To know what to wear, I say that you must first ask yourself three basic questions: What’s my business? Who am I serving? How to I feel and how does my outfit reflect... Continue Reading →

3 women, 3 mojitos…and what happens next …

Last week, I had dinner with two women - entrepreneurs, small business owners, young women. Both were women at various stages of their professional careers with the interest of coming together and supporting each other. It was wonderful being part of this trio and feeling supported, encouraged but most of all determined. We 3 were determined. We had... Continue Reading →

Why I came out….

People have been coming out way before Bruce turned into Caitlyn. I came out of my closet way before, a lot later than I should have. However, what mattered was the journey to getting there. It was a long one, but well worth it. Many trials and tribulations but I came out tougher and stronger.... Continue Reading →

When I got TESTED…..

A few weeks ago, I got tested. It wasn’t something that I’d ever thought possible, but it happened. Love makes you do things which in hindsight you question. Today, on this throwback Thursday, I’ve been thinking back on this. Did I make the right choice? Did I choose wisely? Did love blind me from doing... Continue Reading →

How I lost my fear of Spyders….

Who needs a selfie stick when riding around in a Spyder?  F430...F1 at that? Since I lost my so called photographer.'s been really hard getting outfit pics which are fitting for my blog. However, that has not stopped me from living life and dressing up. My pics for the moment are all based on... Continue Reading →

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