Why I came out….

People have been coming out way before Bruce turned into Caitlyn. I came out of my closet way before, a lot later than I should have. However, what mattered was the journey to getting there. It was a long one, but well worth it. Many trials and tribulations but I came out tougher and stronger. When I accepted that I couldn’t truly change or control others, circumstances, or things, I began to let go and find my freedom.

I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing more frustrating, more emotionally numbing, more restricting than feeling trapped. Whether it turns out being in the wrong body, wrong job, wrong relationship or whatever the case maybe…although some situations are on different levels, feelings of being trapped can make one truly unhappy.


Being unhappy is very mentally draining. However, once one finds that open door, that means of escape, that light at the end of the tunnel; once tasted…..breaking free becomes the air that one breathes.

I’ve had the luxury of being able to break free. Of being able to come out of my closet and as a result, I am way happier than I ever thought possible. I have always been an advocate of being oneself, of self awareness, of self love, therefore me being free, open, unrestricted and ME has always been my goal.

Finding that inner strength has allowed me to grow, to become more self aware, self assured and to accept and appreciate me, as I am, flaws and all. And that inner strength has taught me to accept myself and not settle. I won’t depend on anyone to satisfy my confidence, to build my dignity, to determine my worth. I am a WOMAN, I am ME, I determine who I AM, what I AM and what I become.

And, I am the QUEEN of my destiny, my happiness, my LIFE…I wear the CROWN!!! It has been bought and paid for. All I needed to do was put it on my head! 

And I have done that!!!!

This feeling of freedom has taken expression in my art – my blog, my makeup artistry skills, my fashion styling and consultancy. I am more free to explore. I am more eager to take chances, to go that extra mile.

One thing I learnt while being a caged bird is that the freedom which I have been looking for is the freedom to be myself and to express myself.

So, my advice to you reading this; it’s 2015 – what are you waiting for? GET OUT OF THAT CLOSET!!!!!!

Lesson 6: Change your thoughts and you change your world!!!!!

Here are some details on my outfit

Lil Black Dress:      Sirens Collection

Yellow Sandals:      Zara

Bag:                        Aldo

Body Chain:           Trendycolly


be bold

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  1. I like your writing style. Easy reading. SLUR I found you on singleparents. My name is Eagleeyes. Check me out or call me or email me, whatever is best. I would love to talk to you.



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