My Fashionnystar’s guide to dressing like a Chic Work Chick

There are many rules for dressing for the office. The key to making the right choice is all based on your clientele.

To know what to wear, I say that you must first ask yourself three basic questions:

  1. What’s my business?
  2. Who am I serving?
  3. How to I feel and how does my outfit reflect what I feel?

Now, let’s discuss the questions.

  • What’s my business?

First and foremost, you must know your business. What your brand is, what you represent and what you are trying to achieve. That’s it!!!!!! In any industry, there’s a Code of Conduct, whether it be implicit or explicit. The number 1 rule is that once you know your industry, live by the principles, then you fit in. You hold yourself to the level of excellence maintained by your industry. Sometimes, that level can be defined by what you wear.

  • Whom am I serving?

To me, this is the most important factor when choosing my wardrobe of work fits. In order that I may “sell my service” I need to know who my client is. Frankly speaking, no one really wants to buy; therefore, it’s my job to sell not my product, but myself. Once a client becomes comfortable with you and trust you, then your service or product will be trusted. What matters most is that relationship which you build with your client. At the first point of contact, your job is to tell your story so that your client is drawn in and feels comfortable with your aura. Therefore, it is imperative that you recognise from the get go whom you are trying to serve.

  • How to I feel?

Now that you have defined your clientele, you must ALWAYS dress according to the Code. How you are feeling should have no reflection on how your showcase yourself. You must always dress to make your client feel comfortable while portraying that you are the “leader.” You are the leader in that you do what’s best for the client – but know that the CLIENT is truly the boss.

Having said that, we all have bad days, my advice would be that you should always have a go to style for your bad days. These styles don’t have to be like the usual style, for example, you may want to go neutral, you may want to do colour, you may want to go simple…the point is, however you do it – NEVER loose sight of who you are serving.

Follow these rules, and you’ll definitely have success in becoming a CHIC WORK CHICK.


  • Your outfit should always be a reflection of your business and catered to the client whom you are serving.
  • Remember that the first impression your client has of you is your outward appearance.


Lesson 7: As time goes on, you’ll understand. What lasts, lasts; what doesn’t, doesn’t. Time solves most things. And what time can’t solve, you have to solve yourself.

Here are a few Chic Work Chick Ideas:

Reminder: I work with Low Income people therefore, my style is catered to be simple yet trendy. As I said – Know the business, know the clients – Do not dress how you feel.

makeup looks
Top: Monday – Tuesday Bottom – Wednesday – Thursday

looks from Monday to Thursday


This is my casual Friday outfit; shorts and tee, however, I paired with a blazer because I’m scheduled to attend Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. I keep it simple, but with an eye on being noticed.

Friday's Look
Pastel – shorts, blazer and a tee! Come on it’s Friday – I get to tone it down





This is my power outfit. It defines that I am a professional woman who feels in charged and knows what she has to do.

this look was worn as a transition outfit; meaning it was functional for work and as an after work – drinks, dinner, social gathering, business networking event.  My outfit was geared towards being professional and being seen as a Paralegal and a Make Up Artist.

Thursday's look
Black dressy trousers … polka dot top, Black pumps and a gold statement piece which took my outfit from day to nigh
Thursday's makeup look
Thursday’s Makeup Look – I felt Flat out Fabulous


This is an everyday around the office look. I’m not going to court and if a client walks in, I’m simple. Yet, I maintain my individuality and my trendiness.

Wednesday's look
Olive pencil skirt and ruffled plaid top, paired with ALDO buckle sandals. Simple yet effective


Wednesday's look 2
Same look – I just paired it with a blazer to add some colour and keep the mood carefree and relaxed today. No client meetings, but just in case someone needed cheering up, out would come my canary blazer.


This is my casual work look …simple and cute. There is nothing intimidating about this outfit

Tuesday's look 2
This was my “I am not feeling like dressing up” day. it’s still simple, yet trendy but it’s not my usual I’m meeting a client today look.


Tuesday's look 2



Monday's look
I felt cheery and professional. This outfit could transition into a work lunch or after work dinner outfit. Yet, I am still simple and trendy for work. I’m in charge…but not overpowering


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