Am I a victim of Mother Nature’s Menopausal response?????

Am I a victim of Mother Nature’s Menopausal response?????

I’ve learnt that in order for me to get where I want to go and be who I am destined to be, I had to make the biggest decision of my life. And of course, in making that decision I was faced with the ultimate scare – CHANGE.   

But I’ll say what I’ve always said and do what I’ve always done. I choose the rocky road. I make the tough choices that are necessary to be made. And guess what? I know that making a big life change is pretty scary. But, I ask you, what do you think is even scarier?

View from the top
View from the top


Yes, people regret is a way scarier idea to me than change. And I don’t do regrets therefore; my only alternative will always be change.

And so, I constantly live with and embrace the 3 big C’s of life: Choice, Chance, Change. 

Life is one big road with lots of signs….

People don’t change overnight – tell that to him who chooses to think that I woke up one day and was suddenly different.

Nope – people gradually change… situations effect change…stress causes change, dreams cause change, change cause change. So if anyone chooses to believe that you woke up suddenly and just changed – tell that person that they were not paying enough attention to you to notice your evolution. I was given a choice, I took the chance and I changed my life. SIMPLE. POINT BLANK. PERIOD.

Life is one big road with lots of signs…

The ones we choose to follow will as expected determine the course we navigate. Some people like it easy…uncomplicated, simple. I have always thrived on the challenge, the unknown, and the unexpected. I guess this is why I’m taking many more risks than I’d have usually taken. I didn’t just wake up and became a victim of Mother Nature’s menstrual cycle. Nope…. I got to this point slowly but gradually. But yes, I did get up one day and say that “today is the day I choose the path I’ve been afraid to tread on.”

And, thankfully, I did just that. There has been absolutely no regret… who knows what will come later on, but so far, so good. I’ve been blessed and fortunate enough to not wrestle with my decisions and say what ifs.

And besides – I DON’T DO REGRETS – never have, never will. I do experiences learnt! That’s 1 life lesson I’ll always take with me – whatever happens, good or bad, I’ll chuck it up to an experience and lessons learnt.

To live with regrets is to live a life unfulfilled. No one needs that, especially me. Therefore, I choose to LIVE…not just exist.

And in the spirit of living, I’ve found myself a new hobby …. Flying!!!!!

Yeap. I’ve started enjoying flying in the supercub and getting mini lessons. I won’t ever become a pilot, but I will hopefully, eventually, become able to fly freely and sore as high as I’ve only ever dreamed possible.

Lessons in this....1 like it that is
Lessons in this….One like it that is

Note to those of you who do regrets: Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, know what’s even scarier?



You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.

Here’s what I wore….pretty simple

I absolutely do not care

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