Fall Trends: Fall in love with fall

Do you have a favorite fall trend as yet?

Are you ready to fall in love with FALL?

I seem to have a love hate affair with Fall. I love her because of her vibrancy and intensity, yet I hate her because she signifies the beginning of the fall, the coming /going down quickly from the high place, into that dark low place; winter. Fall comes around and I am reluctant to show excitement and glee as I know that ever so soon, winter will seep into my bones.

That won’t stop me this year though. I absolutely am loving this Fall season so far because of the fashion trends which are on the forefront.

Here are my hands down favorite Fall trends this year:


My absolute favorite fall trend is fringe. Can you say 70s vibes? I love, love, love the return of fringes; fringe vest, fringe dress, fringe bags, fringe shoes. Give me fringe everything.

The trick for this trend is to do it minimally. One should never over power the outfit if wearing fringes.


Suede is making a comeback. A suede fringed vest is a must have but this Fall do it with a passion. Also invest in a nice fringed suede jacket. Catch my look here

Fringe Vest: Find a nice one here


You read that right. Get yourself a carwash skirt. They are the more polished fringe trend look. Pair with a sharp top and you have a very clean look.


The name says it all. You must have a pair of over the knee boots.

See my favorites here – Haskova is a must have for daily use and Seania -U is a sexy pair for fun occasions

You’ll definitely catch me in a pair of one of these


Brown is very much in: rustic, rust, dark, copper. That’s it!!!!! The 70s trend keeps hitting it hard. Liven up this sometimes drab shade with some  nice rich colors like copper or maroon.


The go to when you don’t know what else to wear.


It’s not like they ever went away, but get yourself a nice black one.

Here are a few of my fall trend looks


Fringe dress






Simple black cape


Suede “draped blazer”


Suede blazer and suede boots

Tell me what you think....

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