Deconstructing myself

It seems that the trend these days; which I am totally happy to follow, is loving myself. I’m totally in love with myself.

Yes, it’s ok to love yourself. In fact. …it’s highly recommended. Sometimes….it takes a toll. People misconstrue your self appreciation as vanity. It’s ok…one has to learn to find that balance.


My major advise is to just love you. My note to self has always been be myself and not have society dictate who or what I am.

Society can do a number on you if you let it. You can’t please society unless you find that self-fulfilling thing which serves you.

Socity confuses us. I’ve been there. Sometimes you doubt yourself, your passions, your beliefs. You wonder what you’re doing wrong…what’s wrong with being you?

But I say to you; do not let society be your guiding determinant about who or what you should be

Be you!

These days, I’m learning to love my quirkiness. It’s me. My style has always been rebellious…going against the norm. I’m the girl who grew to love her forehead. I’m the girl who learnt to feel pride when society asked whether my cheeks are real or did I get implants?

Yes, I’m that girl. I’m the girl who feels flattered that I may look like a doll. I’m the girl who’s flattered that I love makeup.

You see, I learnt to do my number on society. I let people wonder. I let people ask. I let people see. What I learnt is that what I hate about society is also what I need. I am driven…I’m flattered and the biggest gift is that I’ve learnt to appreciate myself.

So what if my forehead is cheeks look fake…my style quirky. ..bold…out your face? So what? You’re talking about me and recognising my difference.

The point is that I’m succeeding. I’m at that point where I’ve realised that the people who matter are definitely not those who question my being.

I am me: vibrant, analytical, nice, elegant, sassy, sexy, alive. I am V A N E S S A.

Here a few of my recent looks….

20151113_073448¬†All about the weird faces…big eyes

learning to love my quirkiness

All about the cheeks

Just got my new eyes
Just got my new eyes
Excuse my selfie stick...I'm my own photog
Excuse my selfie stick…I’m my own photog


2 thoughts on “Deconstructing myself

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  1. Hi hun…

    Thanks for taking the time to view my blog and read the post.

    Much love for that.

    Lip stick deets…Red lips were achieved using Kat Von D’s Outlaw liquid Lipstick

    The burgundy is NYC Transylvania

    Nude is Sephora – Ingenuous


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