Saying goodbye; hello!

2015-12-24_19.30.36As I lie in bed wondering what went wrong, I am saddened.

Today I say goodbye to yesterday and with finality, I say goodbye to lots which I’ve known.

2015 was a year of enormous changes for me. I discovered lust. I discovered hate. I discovered betrayal. I discovered failure. I discovered success. But most of all, I discovered love.

I learnt to love me. I learnt to love them. I learnt to love him. Everything this past year has come down to one thing: LOVE. 

Love is easy. Love is free.

As 2016 rolls in I get to be 1 year older. I get to see things from the eyes of determination. I’m set to move out…to move on…to move.

The fear which had paralayzed me for ages is no longer holding me hostage. I’ve found freedom. I’ve found joy and I’ve found peace.

As 2016 rolls in….I wish myself all the best. I wish myself more success. More health. More fun. More joys. More happiness. More love.

As I write this, I remember that nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is meant for eternity. Nothing is everlasting. But one thing that’s sure to always remain is my faith in self. Myself. Me. Mine.

And so, as I can’t sleep…I am saying goodbye; hello.









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