When IG/ Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and the likes fails and fools us.

Don't let the small hype fool you; get the bills paid, live independent and be independent

How do you determine if someone is worth it?

Find your happiness and go wherever it leads you

The day I met Royalty ….

let the wind blow through your hair - slow down ... enjoy life... fast cars.. airplanes...love and family

Hiding fears from the world….

Practice...like everything else will eventually make you great and the world not see your fears

Giving Love a chance

The expectations of others were the bars I used for my own cage. Until I tasted freedom I didn't understand how liberating self confidence...self love and self acceptance can be.

Wearing a suit even when it’s hot…

Keeping it simple and clean for the office

Why I chose to blog

I believe that I must maintain my individuality to continue on my journey. It keeps me grounded and rooted in my belief that I'm here to live, not just exist and to make the most of all opportunities given

I don’t believe in Karma…..but all actions do have consequences;

You just always have to be yourself, even among the evil that men live with

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