I don’t believe in Karma…..but all actions do have consequences;

IMG_20160607_072911so, I let my girls dance.

Are you like me, probably not, and always wish and want the best for everyone? And in your naivete, always get the short end of the stick. But, always rise above it and come out stronger?

Well, I genuinely wish everyone the best…want the best…hope for the best, and expect the best. However, the reality is different. Family screws you over…friends betray you..strangers..perhaps they just ignore you; but my reality is the same…people always, ALWAYS, always expect so much from me without giving anything in return.

Why? Because perhaps it is the nature of the beast. Or perhaps, like i choose to believe, I’m nice…sweet..naive.

Or so they believe. Which is wrong!!!!!

I always am aware of people’s agenda…users… abusers..cruel minded people. The only rule I live by is to not let the evil men do influence me or my sense of self.

And so I prosper. I  continue to rise above the constant betrayal. I continue to survive. I move on, head held high and make strides and break the barriers of my supposed existence.

Nice people do finish first. We do. The world may not know it…but we do.

So, I don’t believe in Karma…but I believe in its consequences.  That’s why the strong survive and the weak continue to get trampled upon… and fail to prosper. They get eaten alive by their cruel hearts, dirty minds and the constant negativity.  It chews them alive with nothing to spit out.


That’s why people like me survive. We fight to maintain our true selves in a society where popularity and worth is based on likes.


People like me fight to make my girls dance….

See my girls dance








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