Why I chose to blog

I’ve always had a passion for writing. I have a way with words. A way with expressing my thoughts and feelings freely, independently, deeply.

Then, I developed a passion for makeup. I honed my skills, invested a few thousands and took my passion to another level.

Today, I have used my creativity with makeup and added that to my fashion styles. I aim for uniqueness. I don’t want to be just another pretty face who dresses sexy. I decided to let my personality define my fashion; I created “BeUniquelyU.” I became how I see myself weird, unique, carefree. 

Then it hit me…why not share my passion?

I took that and my attitude and started showcasing it publicly. I created ‘beuniquelyu’ on Instagram. My unique style started to get noticed. I got asked about my pieces….then I realized…it’s easy. I can be trendy, carefree, unique, and not break the bank. I could do exactly what I have been doing, and not change anything. And so, I started to create looks within a specific style and price point.

My style is definitely mine. I get the constant – “I love your style. That’s different. I wouldn’t know how to wear that. You pull it off so well. You are bold” – These statements give me pride. They define what I see as my ability to stand apart; my unqiness, my individuality, my “beuniquelyu” mantra.

I realized early on that people were taking notice…many people. I’d get daily in person reviews on my style. When asked about cost, my details would blow people’s away.

And so, I changed my moniker to “StyleLikeYouAreRich” because some how, that suited me. I became a fashionista on a budget, although, quite frankly, I’ve never lived with a budget. I just love buying pieces I like, and they happen to be affordable. Sometimes, I buy designer items, but never at any price point at which I’m not comfortable.

There have been days where I’ve debated whether I should buy a pair of Louboutins. And then, my sanity returns and I can’t justify the purchase. It’s not that I can’t afford it. It’s that it’s not within my code of never buying anything just because. It’s not about showing that I can afford it. It’s about weighing the purpose of buying it over it’s functionality in my mind. How different would it make me feel? How unique will I be? Obviously, the answers to these questions are pretty clear cut…and so, owing a pair of Loubs, though in my budget, exist outside my reality.


My reality also consist of Life: the most import part being my kids; then the ever present: bills- food, home, cars, vacations… and all the lil things some people exist to do. In the meantime, i’ll express myself and blog and live.

And so, until I can no longer justify shopping within my means, I’ll keep slaying on that imaginary budget.

Tell me what you think....

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