Giving Love a chance

What would you do if you found love accidentally and in “the wrong place’ by society’s standards? Do you conform, do you walk away, do you hide? What do you do?Screenshot_2016-06-08-10-56-22-1


To each his own is an old saying that I have adopted. However, how many can honestly say that when it comes to love we adopt that principle? Why do we condemn people for choosing to love outside what you have been raised with being the norm?


What’s wrong with accepting love in all its form and glory? Would I be ostracized for my actions? Would I be talked about? Would I have fingers pointed at me? Is loving someone outside of what society considers acceptabe or normal, wrong?


Well, what do you think I did?

I’m a rebel…so of course I couldn’t conform. Of course I’d not accept the traditional norm. I’ve always asked myself “what is normal?” And I’ve always gotten the same answer…normal is what I choose it to be!!! ALWAYS!!!

Love is love. Don’t care what anyone else says to you. Love who you love and say to hell with anyone who can’t accept the old saying of “to each his own!”

All we have to do is Live… and remember that you MUST always seek to be YOU and be the best you, that you can be.


Tell me what you think....

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