Hiding fears from the world….

Practice…like everything else will eventually make you great and the world will not see your fears – this is my advice I gave to my bestie.

You see, I have fears but I choose to not let the world see them. My fears are mine, my personal struggles with my insecurities, my what ifs, my wild imaginings.

The fears which I have can be simple and or ┬ácomplex. I am not photogenic at all. My fear is that people will see the pictures and nit pick everything I dislike about me. That’s my fear.

But guess what? There is way more power in my passion.


One of my main passions is my love of pictures. I love taking pictures; lots of them. Infact, I own 2 professional cameras; although lately, I’ve been using my Samsung Note 4. I love taking pictures, not because I’m obsessed with myself, but because I want my kids to look back on our lives and see me and themselves at different stages. Pictures capture the reality of the moments.

And so, I take them, we take them, lots of them.

So…. lesson to remember out of this. We all have fears. However, we can use our passions to capture and harness those fears.


The world is a grand stage….all I can do right now is put my feet up in the Ferrari and drive along.



3 thoughts on “Hiding fears from the world….

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  1. I love this and your advice, thanks for always being there for me. I love and really appreciate you ­čÖé


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