The day I met Royalty ….

The day I met Royalty was the day my life changed. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to meet Royalty, to feel special, to discover a greater meaning/value in themselves. I believe that when this day comes for an individual, one inherits a sense of freedom, of clarity, of openness, of accessibility, of adventure, of acceptance – OF LIFE.

The day I met Royalty was the day I discovered the love of myself, my life; ME. I discovered that there was way more to me than I was letting the world see.  There was no hiding behind the mask of societal acceptance, of worry, of the unknown. Once I discovered that greater meaning which defines me, I discovered the greater value in myself. I learnt to love me, to accept me, to understand me, to acknowledge me, but most of all, to be ME.

My discovery of myself has led me to where I am at this stage in my life. I AM SUPER CONFIDENT. I stand proud. I am free. I have a level of comfort and self-acceptance that I’d never have imagined. I am able to proudly walk in my own shoes and worry only about the journey I’m taking. I’m no longer concerned with the outside but am focused on the inside. My world is all about positivity. The illusions of society don’t entice or confuse me. I am the maker or my own choices. They are not predetermined by society.

In today’s world with so many pressures to be more, do more, act differently, be bigger and better than the one before, people can sometimes get caught up and lost. Social media has created this expectancy, this ridiculous idea that we are supposed to mirror everything we see, that we are supposed to fit in, to be cool, to be accepted. Social media has created jealous behavior over illusions. Many of the things that society is exposed to are just that, illusions, given light through social media. The lifestyle, the relationships, the outside aspects of what we see are just fractions of their realities. And many a times, they are not realities, just illusions…definitely illusions.

And so, I pray that as individuals we find ourselves.  We find that confidence, that pride, that essential factor which makes us wear the crowns. The one we deserve. We need to find our royalty.

We are all royals; the Kings and Queens of our lives, our loves, our present, our future. Once we come face to face with that – then we become free.  We are no longer slaves to the mental slavery of the societal norm which keeps us shackled.

Free yourselves and let the wind blow through your hair….

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