How do you determine if someone is worth it?

We’ve all been there, so how do you determine if someone is worth that chance?

Do you do it because he puts a smile on your face, because you can’t stop thinking about him, because you think he may be great? How do you decide but most importantly WHEN?

The old rule will definitely apply; don’t rush into anything. However, what about the basic rule of getting to know someone…really know someone before you put labels on it? We are forced by the demands of image to be bound by terms which seem pointless. Those which do not shed any light on what we struggle with.

We date yet do we truly know the rules to dating? Can you date more than 1 person at the same time without disadvantating the other parties involved? Are you supposed to date just 1 at a time? And if so, how long would that dating period be for? When are you allowed to say next…or this is it?

Really and truly how many times do you date one person before you can safely say…that’s it; I’ve found someone I want to date? Are there even those rules?

In a society where there’s always more, how to you just date 1 person without figuring out if that 1 person is right very early on? And if you choose to date that 1 person, let’s suppose 3 months later he is not right, will you have just wasted those 3 months? And is 3 months dating a long time? What’s a long time?

And by the way, if you find someone you like, how early on are you allowed to make up your mind on that person? It’s okay to walk away after the 1st date knowing that he’s not right for you. Now supposedly, it’s not okay if you know after the first date that he is right for you, to be physical with that person. Why are there so many confusing rules and norms? Who feels better because they choose to follow a line defined by someone else?

These questions I have will never end. They’ll be the constant burning ones which I’m forever forced to give my opinions on. But I’ll refrain from giving mine because I live outside the box of which society tries to trap us. And I’m not here to determine or set anyone’s rules. I am here to make you think, to debate, to question, to try to understand whose rules you are living by.

And in the interim, I say….




Those are the only rules I go by.


Until then, I will continue to do the fashion and makeup which I love.



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