When IG/ Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and the likes fails and fools us.

Are you on IG, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, okay, you get the drift. You know, these social media sites that tend to create instant stars out of some, wannabes out of others and some who become so delusional, that their ego has surpassed their brain?  You know, those platforms, the ones that cause many to get lost between that space where reality and perception gets blurred?  Well, let me tell you a story, where, one time at band camp…no, just joking.


I’m sure we all have that 1 friend who is obsessed with social media. I know quite a few really. My definition of obsessed ranges from – counting likes, tracking likes, looking  for trends to get more “likes”, going above and beyond their every day to be seen,  comparing friends profiles to see who has more likes etc; just to name a few.

Well, as an up and coming makeup artist, I began reaching out to persons who were more known, that was my perception at the time, in the community for tips, tricks, advice etc. I won’t go as far as to call them MUA/ makeup artists, stylist or professionals, at this point; however, to each his own.  After all, we all know lawyers, who went to law school and never became lawyers. You get my drift (insert a bit of reality check here)? But, I digress!

I first reached out to a stylist. I was told by that individual to contact the team. I did that – no response. And again, by the term, stylist, I use it loosely. I sent an email to that team – and up to this day, I’ve not gotten any response. In my line of work – that’s unacceptable. But then again, what did I expect from these IG personas who think that perhaps a measly 20000 followers have somehow granted them super star status.



I decided to do what I always do – move on. I started following an individual whose makeup artistry I admired. I was really impressed by what I had seen. So I reached out – and yes, I got a bit more than I bargained for. I had my face done by someone else. I’d done it before – by MAC professionals. Did I like my makeup – yes. Did I – love it? There’s something to be said about being able to do your own face. There’s a big difference between a filtered picture and the reality. I love how I do my makeup. The test to whether it was flawless was left to the greater public. Not to me because I was prejudiced to my way of doing my face. Let’s just say that my skills are highly rated. Moving on…

Before these two events, I was contacted by a young entrepreneur who reached out to me in an effort that we could collaborate. We were 2 strangers who liked each other’s pics on IG and started an IG relationship.  Then we met – thank God. I found a friend; someone who encouraged my dreams and pushed me to stick to my passions, go after what I want and don’t look back. I met a partner who is so secure in herself that giving me compliments, encouragement, feedback, whether it is positive or negative, takes nothing away from her; she’ll give it. She knows that it won’t take away from her shine. And because of this true connection this true friendship – I’ll support her.

So when I am being called, disturbed on my vaation, by someone on IG to compalin about a favor done to support someone else. It irks me. No – I dont get paid. No – I don’t need freebies. No – I do things from the goodness of my heart. If I agree to help someone promote an item – I don’t expect payment; especially if we are both trying to help each other out. I don’t work that way. I’m not Jennifer Lopez. I’m not on that level where i get paid for using my face. It’s IG – not a movie. we are not on that level yet. Don’t call me to complain about followers and likes – honey, it ain’t that serious. You are not freaking Halle Berry, so chill with the ego. And even Halle Berry gets her share of flack. Doing something nice or good for a friend should come naturally. You shouldn’t be expecting some payment in return.



My friend is  my friend; is my friend. Afterall, I’m a Capricorn.



One thought on “When IG/ Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and the likes fails and fools us.

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  1. Aww I LOVE this piece hon, not because you’re speaking about me and our friendship but because of the article on a whole. I LOVE and will always appreciate you and have your back.


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