Why my edges aren’t laid ….

And frankly, I’m not sure why they should be!  I’m not my hair. I’m not defined by my edges. Edge control or gel promenade won’t make me “Becky with the good hair.”  It won’t make me less black, less conscious, less accepted. Or perhaps it may, but only in the eyes of those girls who... Continue Reading →

Don’t be afraid to disappoint…

Some people will only love you if you fit into their box... and I say to you, DON'T be afraid to disappoint them. Do not change to conform to anyone's idea of who you have the right to be. Be you! Be Unique! Be individual! If anyone expects you to be another you; then they... Continue Reading →

I am having a LOVE AFFAIR

.......with my self – and I’m proud to admit it…. Trust me, I am. There is background to all of this. Do you remember or even know that famous quote by the great Miss Angelina Jolie? The one which goes like this: I always wanted a great love affair: something that feels big and full,... Continue Reading →

Does your astrological sign define you?

Apparently, I'm a Capricorn through and through, even down to fashion. Yes, I am a Cappy through and through. I'm determined and destined for success and it comes through in my outfits. Work styles are my favorite because they fit in well with my need for power and they usually exude confidence. One of my... Continue Reading →

Reflections of a dying 24 yr old

"You can float through a life created by circumstances, missing day after day, hour after hour. Or, you can fight for what you believe in and write the great story of your life. I hope you will make the right choice." I read this, with teary pride filled eyes. I am saddened that he has... Continue Reading →

There’s an art to throwing SHADE…

...like everything else. It's a skill and not a skill that individuals should aspire to having. And because it is an art, I believe that it is defined by certain rules. Shade throwing has been around for a long time. It's gets way more attention today because of social media. And so, because I have... Continue Reading →

My best teacher; my last mistake; my fake friend

How do we learn lessons other than by teachings and experience? We go through life either as blankets or as sponges. We get trampled by our teachings or expand with our experiences. Either way, we go through life forever changed by our everyday experiences. One such life changing experience was my last mistake. And it... Continue Reading →

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