600 plus likes; what did that mean?

Did you see it? I sure did! 600 plus likes on 1 picture on Instagram. I can’t explain it but I took note of it. Frankly, I am not caught up in the number of likes or followers I have on IG, or other social media outlets. What I am most concerned with, is the interaction with the few genuine friends and avid followers throughout my social media accounts.


So, when I posted a pic of my sis and I, that somehow resonated with Instagram viewers, it came at a time when I was going through some emotional turmoil. I felt betrayed, and the funny thing about that betrayal is that it happened on Instagram.

That was the day I learnt one of the biggest truths of my life; sometimes it is those closest to us that don’t want to see us shine. (Although, it seems like lately, I’ve been discovering quite a few truths, which may be linked to me finding myself). Those we consider our true friends and family. Those who are suppose to support me, as I do them. But this is neither here, nor there. Like the Phoenix I always rise and will continue to; with or without that support.

Moving along, as I said, one of life’s biggest truth was validated to me on that day. And guess what; I walked away from it – justified, freed. And I left it to conscience. The one thing I have that always journey along with me is my conscience. And I always leave people to theirs; and it has never failed me yet.

So, when that 600 plus likes happened it was a sign from up⇑ there. You know, the BIG MAN up there – GOD.

Somehow, God always comes through for me. I’m not religious, but I am spiritual and my belief is that good things happen to good people. This is why I am where at I am this stage in my life, and it will only get better. I am where I am simply because I HAVE A GOOD HEART. I am a good person, and I genuinely walk through life wanting to help everyone who comes into contact with me.

And when, I felt at one of my lowest points, God sent me a sign. To understand the importance of the sign is to know the story. Let’s just say that my makeup skills are unquestionable. I am not a licensed makeup artist nor am I a YouTube makeup artist,but what I am is someone who has spent hours and lots of $$$$ trying to hone my skills. And i have successfully done it to my satisfaction.

Am I there yet? No.

Will I get there? Perhaps.

The only thing on my side is time, money and MYSELF – that much I learnt.

So….in the interest of real support – thanks to the 600 plus of you who liked my pic.

But, I sincerely have to give special thanks to those who take the time to interact with me, who journey with me, who acknowledge my passion and my skills, who support , who encourage, and who never will lose themselves in the HYPE of likes and fake status.

Those who understand my dream, my desire, my love, my passion for not only fashion, but makeup.

Those who appreciate my S.L.U.R. – THANK YOU.

And as I continue to S.L.U.R. keep journeying along with me.

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