I. AM. S.L.U.R.

“Do you have designers who are your friends?”

I stared back dumb faced at the guy who posed this question. I was not confused, but lost in my early morning routine of trying to catch the elevator. I turned around with a smile and just looked at him.

And that’s when he said ” You always look so good with different outfits! You must have a lot of designer friends!”  I was flattered and with a big smile on my face, said thanks.

It’s not the first time that he has said something to me. Somehow, he always notices me and my differences whether it’s my usual jovial self, or when I’m “not me” as he puts it. All the same, it’s nice to know that my fashion sense is not pinned down; that I am noticed for my passion.

So I ask, do people look at you and wonder how you do it? How you are so well put together, so stylish, so fashionable? Do they? What do you think they think when they look at you?

Well, people look at me. They approach me. They talk to me. They compliment me. They like my style. They like my versatility. They like how I put myself together. I’ve heard so many compliments and have been asked so many questions about my style that I could literally write a book about it. But I haven’t, not yet at least. Instead I have S.L.U.R.

But then, that’s why I  am S.L.U.R. I am the ultimate shopper, the bargain hunter, the diva on a dime, the woman who refuses to pay regular price for any item of clothing. And it’s not because I can’t afford it; it’s because I refuse to pay inflated prices on any items which are seasonal.

So, instead, I learnt to style like I am rich. And I must say, it is working.


Cheers to S.L.U.R. my baby.

Here’s some of my recent S.L.U.R. outfits…

You can be a S.L.U.R. girl too….

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