I deserve more…

Damn right I do!!!

I felt trapped by the traditions of the middle class life. Trapped in the house, trapped in the love, trapped in the life. I wanted more; I needed more. And without that more, I felt like I was withering away.

What is that more which I felt I deserved?What is that more which seemed just outside those frosted windows? What is that more which I couldn’t find within what I already had?

I needed to find those answers. I needed to explore and discover why I think that I deserved that more.

And so, I reached out. I explained my feelings. My restlessness. My desire for more. My feelings that somehow, along the way, I had lost myself. I needed to find me. To find that little girl who had dreams. Dreams which could still become a reality. I needed to prove to her that life is the chance you get only once and that you use that chance to the best of your ability. I needed to show her that choice is what you use to create and maintain that chance.

And so, when they thought that I didn’t deserve more, I sought to find the more which I deserve.

I deserve more; and more is what I’m finding.

Tell me what you think....

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