My best teacher; my last mistake; my fake friend

How do we learn lessons other than by teachings and experience? We go through life either as blankets or as sponges. We get trampled by our teachings or expand with our experiences. Either way, we go through life forever changed by our everyday experiences.

One such life changing experience was my last mistake. And it goes without saying that it involved a member of the opposite sex.


Why don’t they ever genuinely want to be friends? Why are they plagued by ulterior motives? Why can’t they just be satisfied with the simple less complex life as friends?

Why don’t they want to be my friends?

Is it my so called bed room eyes? My smile? My sexy legs? My tiny body? What is it that gives them the idea that the guise of false friendship will say me?

Don’t get me wrong! I know my worth. But if friendship is the guise, then it’s quite obvious that my brains, personality, character etc wouldn’t make the cut.

So when I got flowers from a friend… I realized my mistake. I got lured in by the pretense of friendship.

I learnt 3 things:

1. Friendship can be fickle
2. Friendship can’t be onesided
3. Friendship is extremely fake

But the biggest is that I must never underestimate the guise of friendship.


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