Why I fell in love with him….

I saw him from a distance and my heart did that strange thing it does when I’m caught between being scared and being nervous. I knew that if I met him, my world would change.

Met him I did and he changed my world. I fell in love by chance but stayed in love by choice. People look at us and wonder what’s there, what’s going on; but we fail to see or ask any of those questions. We are caught in a place where our hearts feel as one. The day I met him, I lost my cool when I saw him. That there was the sign.


We spent the entire night talking and before it was over, we had committed ourselves to something greater than either of us expected.

Now sitting here months later, I feel lucky, I feel blessed. I fell that fateful night and I couldn’t be more shocked at the outcome. I have spent many waking moments trying to explain it to myself; why me, why now? The answers are always the same; I needed someone who genuinely cares. I needed that friend who understands the value of friendship, the importance of reliance and trust. I needed that one person who has perhaps more integrity than I did. I needed him more than I knew.

In the process of finding myself and the peace and happiness I crave, I found myself in someone else. I found that which was missing.

So, I say to you, when your heart gets caught between fear and nerves, pay attention. It may just be your other self calling.

I say follow your heart and the rest will follow. Falling in love is a choice. Staying in love is not by chance. Finding an against many odds love is almost impossible.

But it happens…..and it did to me!!!!


Please share your ideas and stories with me….




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