Does your astrological sign define you?

Apparently, I’m a Capricorn through and through, even down to fashion. Yes, I am a Cappy through and through. I’m determined and destined for success and it comes through in my outfits.

Work styles are my favorite because they fit in well with my need for power and they usually exude confidence. One of my best traits is simply knowing how to dress for an occasion.

My worse trait is not pre planning my outfits. This is a bit out of character as my everyday life is all about planning and timelines. Perhaps this can be attributed to my rebellious nature. I’ve developed the S.L.U.R brand with no pressure, no time constraints, just as a means of loosening up. And so far, I’m loving it.

My S.L.U.R brand is all mine,  all alone with the help of my trusted Samsung Galaxies.(Oh how I love the cameras on those Samsungs). And I’ve come to realize that this brand was a natural evolution for me. It’s the idea of control, passion, motivation and determination.

I was driven by my purpose and somehow had to find my purpose of social media and my social network. I created my niche and I’m building on it. Everything in my life has its purpose, the key has always been discovering it and using it to my advantage. So, when I see social media memes where the purpose is all trivial,  frivolous, and vexatious; I question these people!

Although it’s pointless, I’ll still offer these words of advise:

“Social  Network: don’t use if to impress people, use it to impact people.”

And while you’re doing it, ask yourself:

1. What’s your purpose here?
2. What have you done and;
3. What are you doing?

Know your purpose and your impact.

After social media becomes yesterday what will your today be???????

In the meantime while my purpose gets fulfilled I will continue on because all I know how to do is be in control of my purpose and S.L.U.R.!!!!!


Simple Friday …’s purpose was causal as I had file legal documents


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